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rp log ::: Sengoku/Ohtori

Rating: PG (Sen has a dirty mouth~)
Backdated: Last night? (If that doesn’t work, we can change it.)
Summary: Sengoku and Ohtori meet in the park, there is much talking, teasing, and general fluffiness.

Lucky snorted one last time at his computer, then grabbed his jacket and headed out the door. He knew where the park was; at least that part was the easy part. Truthfully, he was still snickering over the thought of explaining dirty talk to the most innocent of Hyotei's middle-school regulars. There was something damned funny about that. He stuck his hands in his pockets, whistling as he sauntered toward the park in question.

Ohtori waved back toward his home a final time before jogging off toward the park. He was sure he remembered Sengoku-san. The tournaments hadn't been all that long ago, after all. Reaching the swing sets a few moments early, he sat on one and just let it rock gently back and forth, his mind still trying to wrap around his senpai's kissing. Shishido-san and Gakuto-senpai...

Ooh, there he was. And sitting on the swings, how cute! Lucky wandered in through the park, then popped up right beside Ohtori with a smile. "Well, hello, sunshine," he greeted cheerfully. "Ain't you a sight for sore eyes." It was absolutely adorable, really, knowing that the silver-haired regular was so damned innocent. You could almost hear the 'awwww' in the background.

Nearly jumping when his thoughts were stolen from the unusual subject at hand, he couldn't fight the slight blush that rose at the simple nickname. "Hello, Sengoku-san. How are you tonight?" His fingers shifted against the metal chains holding his swing and allowing him to lower his feet to the ground with a small drag and stop the swing completely.

"Damn good so far, and yourself?" It was bizarrely weird to be thinking of himself as a Hyotei student. Really, Lucky couldn't wrap his brain around it. He was still Yamabuki, still Jin and Taichi's teammate, damnit. This Hyotei business was weird shit. "Didn't mean to startle you or anything but you were totally lost in thought. Something eating at you?"

"Pretty decent, senpai." He smiled amicably and turned in the seat to look directly at the other boy beside him, it was rude to look away. But still, having Sengoku-san as a new Hyoutei student was going to take some adjusting to. "It's fine, just thinking about some things." Why were they meeting here again?

Ohtori didn't really want to think about why they were supposed to be meeting again. He was too innocent for that. Lucky just grinned. "Call me Lucky, please. Titles are all long and unwieldy and stuff." He never stood on protocol, no matter who he was talking with. "What's on your mind? Care to share?"

"Okay- Lucky-san." He was not giving up his honorifics without a fight. Smiling at the explanation all the same, he shook his head, messy silver strands flitting about his forehead. "Just thinking about my last year in Junior High before I move up to school with you all." He could lie a little. That was on his mind as well as his elder kissing each other.

Lucky held himself back and managed NOT to adjust those wayward strands of silver hair by sheer force of will alone. See, he could be good. Sometimes. "Won't be too long. Before you realize it, in fact. Then you'll have to put up with our shit every day."

He winced slightly at the swear and stopped to study his shoes. Fascinating. "Every day, huh?" That didn't sound so bad, really. Hiyoshi and Kabaji were nice, but just...not like his seniors.

"Yep. Every day gettin' to hear me an' Shishido swearing at each other." Okay, so the grammar sucked, but Lucky wasn't in Hyotei for his blazing language skills. "We're loud an' obnoxious and stuff. That ain't for the faint of heart."

"That's- uhm, reassuring." Shishido-san curbed his language a little around him. Maybe Sengoku-san, erm, Lucky would do the same. "I'll try to keep that in mind." Back on focus..."Why did they want to keep me from dirty talk?"

Splutter. Oh, lord, the child was really as innocent as he seemed. Lucky hadn't thought anyone like that could exist in Hyotei. "Probably because it's perverted and nasty and a million other things that you really shouldn't be dirtying your mind up with." Wow, he was being sweet, who knew?

"Oh..." his cheeks began burning all the more, and he found a spot of grass a few feet away that was incredibly fascinating. "Uhm, I hope it's okay if I don't want a demonstration now."

"Oh, lord, it's fine. I actually didn't figure you would; that's a come-on line that I usually reserve for the really debauched." Lucky plunked himself on the ground, grinning. "Maybe when you're receptive I'll give you a demo, but you ain't ready yet."

Cue a slightly nervous laugh. What in the world did he mean by receptive? "So how do you like the school so far?" Why was this getting more and more awkward by the moment?

Must be the cute factor going through the roof. Lucky grinned. "It's...different. Very different. Yamabuki was like - oh, none of us gave a fuck, it wasn't a big deal. Hyotei's way different from that, but I guess they’ll just have to accept me as I am."

"Of course. Once you get past everyone's little shells, you'll find most of them are really very decent." After all, they kept him around all of last year, and still seemed to try and protect him, though he couldn't understand quite why he was being guarded from Sengoku.

"So I'm figuring. Shishido fucking rocks." Lucky had hit it off with the ornery player right off the bat. All their yelling and swearing at each other was just how they expressed a damn good friendship. "You seem pretty decent too, really. Never got much of a chance to talk to you at Senbatsu even though we were in the same group and all."

"Well they did keep us very busy there." He agreed cheerily, hopping from his perch in the swing to sit beside the other boy on the ground. He already loomed over other's too much, no point in making it worse. "Yes, Shishido-san was always a really good friend." Well, not really at first but- no point going back into history.

Hey, what's five inches or so between friends? Lucky was totally secure in himself and his appearance. So there you go. "I imagine so. Yamabuki was totally laid-back, but I think that was half of why we were so good." And half of why Fudomine kicked our
"Hyotei's a weird planet but hey, it's all good. He seems like he's a good friend to you; that's a good thing."

"It's a tough change, but I think you'll fit in fine." He'd remembered his parents wanting him to go to another school, as Hyoutei was fiercely competitive and generally very selective. "He's very good to me."

Fiercely competitive, very selective, and entirely unsure of what to do with Sengoku Kiyosumi, who had no qualms about steamrollering the shit out of everyone in his way to get onto that team. They weren't going to know what hit them. "I intend to, whether they like it or not." He nodded sagely, silently renewing his vow to take over the new school the way he'd taken over the old.

"Good luck!" Ohtori chimed cheerily as always, ignoring any potentially darker implications that could lie within simple words.

"I already got it in spades, sunshine." Lucky smirked at that.
He hadn't gotten his nickname for nothing, after all. "No worries there. "

"From sweetheart to sunshine..." He mumbled quietly, a little amused at the odd nicknames he seemed to be picking up today. "Well, more luck all the same."

"Arigatou." Lucky grinned cheerfully, tossing a few pebbles out in front of him. Pebbles were good for many many things. "Hey, would you prefer I call you something more vulgar? I'd rather not but if you prefer it..."

"Uwah! No-no! Heh, that's okay, really." A low blow, how unexpected. He'd have to stay on his feet around this guy too. Hyoutei was so hard to stay above hot water in.

Not a problem Lucky would ever have, considering he could give as good as he got and almost always ended up on the winning side of any verbal spar. "Didn't think you'd mind." He tossed another couple pebbles out in front of him. "So what's it like, now that everyone else's moved on to the high-school wing?"

Boring, lonely, intimidating? "Different."

"How so different?" Lucky arched an eyebrow, surveying the pale-haired youth next to him.

"Well, I counted on them a good deal to keep me confident, so without them I have to scrape for everything again. Everyone knew me as Shishido-san's partner, so I'm half of a pair right now."

"No you're not." Lucky countered that with a shrug. "You're the singles player you were before you partnered up with Shishido. You're not half of anything. Besides, I'd bet you have enough confidence in there to match any one of the people who moved on. So there."

Grinning brightly, he nodded. "Maybe, try outs are coming up, we'll see."

"Dunno why you should be worried about tryouts, you'll make the cut." Lucky nudged him teasingly, a smile on his lips. "We'll see how the highschool tryouts go; I expect to earn a regulars' spot." Matter-of-fact statement. That spot was his come hell or high water.

Laughing at the slight nudge, he righted himself and studied the red-head. He was kind of...handsome. Quickly looking away, he chewed his lower lip and thought a while. He was not going to even think such things of his elders. "I bet you'll make it." As long as he didn't play Atobe-san...

This elder was perfectly capable of thinking that kind of thing of himself. Lucky flashed the other one a smile. "I know I will. I don't lose easily." He could take Atobe on and give him a massive run for his money, even. He might not win, but it wouldn't exactly be an easy fight.

He had a nice smile too... Ohtori tried to look past his shoulder instead. It would look like he was looking, but then he could gather his thoughts a little better. "I'll try and watch the matches when I can." With his violin, school, and tennis it would be tight.

"Will you? I'll put on a damn good show if you're watching." Lucky chuckled softly, chucking another pebble out in front of him. He was being watched and he knew it. Not that he minded. "That'd be totally awesome if you watched."

"Sounds like you're a bit of a show off." Ohtori chided lightly, leaning back and resting his weight on his hands. He was going to be there for everyone, they were good matches and he could learn a lot that way.

"I give the audience what they want to see, which would be good tennis." Very good tennis. Lucky's boxing-inspired style was utterly unique and utterly devastating if he employed it to full effect. "I'm a performer. It's my job to show off."

"I can understand that very well." He thought about his recitals and smiled to himself. No one seemed to understand the way even his position on the stage was set to give the best show. "I'll be there."

"Good. I'll be looking for you." Lucky produced another million-dollar smile for the slightly younger teen. "And if you tell me when the matches are for the middle-school team, I'll show up to cheer you on. Sound good?"

A small grin. "Yup, I'll be the tall one by the fence." Shaking his head, he seemed to perk up immediately at the idea of someone going to a match to see him, just him! "Sounds great, Lucky-san!"

Yes, just him. Lucky wasn't likely to give a rip about anyone else on the junior-high team. "I'll be there and I'll be looking for you when I beat the bejeezus out of a few people on this high-school team. Watch me."

It was only fair. "I'll cheer you on." He didn't know why he was so excited about the red-head making the team, maybe just a fresh face on a regular's squad. It really had no bearing on the junior high team, but still school spirit was a good quality.

"Thanks, sunshine." Lucky grinned broadly, then shifted a bit. Stupid cold ground. Damn that cold ground. "You ready for the ranking matches, then?"

"Ready as I'll ever be." Honestly, all of this talking was getting him excited for the games. Really excited. It was going to be a terrific season! Noticing the shift, he blinked. "It's kind of chilly tonight, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is." Damn weather, damn cold ground. Lucky shifted again in an effort to not freeze his ass off. "Thought it was supposed to be warming up and shit. Damn. Oh well. You'll do freakin' awesome in the matches, 'specially now that your control is as solid as it is."

"Here." Pulling off his jacket, he set it on the ground between them. "You can sit on that for a bit, it'll help. He was lucky to be wearing his warm cream coloured sweater beneath the jacket in the first place. "Thanks, you'd have to thank Shishido-san for that."

Lucky scooted over to sit on the jacket. He wasn't 'cold' per se, but the ground was. The sweater didn't cover his ass. "You gonna sit on it too? There's room."

"Uhm-" Well, there was some room, they'd just be sitting awfully close together. Another chill rode his spine, making the taller boy decide to sit on the sweater and chance the close proximity. Their sides were touching slightly, but it wasn't so bad...honestly.

Mm. He was warm, too. That was nice. Purr. Lucky was a good boy, though, and didn't jump the more innocent boy on the spot. Aren't you proud of him? "See, that sure beats just sitting on the ground."

"Yes, it does." He was eager to agree that a chilled backside was not a pleasant experience, end of story. Scooting a little closer to the center of the jacket, he curled his arms over his knees as he pulled them up. "Maybe I should think about heading home soon."

"Yeah -- early day tomorrow and all that." Lucky was loathe to leave, though. Warm body next to him, pleasant conversation, no need to go anywhere else, right? "We should do this more often."

"I think that should be ok. As long as there's no homework or practice, right?" He wasn't about to go getting in trouble for hanging out and messing around, responsibilities first. "But, you can just...uhm, get me on the journals or something."

Like Lucky gave a flying fuck about homework. It was immaterial as far as he was concerned. "Of course, as long as there's no practice or homework or anything. I'll be sure to catch you there...or somewhere, right?"

"Right." He grinned and quickly stood, dusting off the back of his pants and stretching his back. "I'm easy enough to track down. I'm either at school, home, or at a recital."

Lucky rose, scooping up the jacket and brushing it off before offering it to Ohtori. "Recital, huh? Now that I'll have to come find. Musicians need to stick together and all that, right?"

"You play?" He accepted his jacket, looking curiously at the older boy.

"Guitar," Lucky explained with a shrug. "Guitar and vocals. Nothing classical, don't have the aptitude. But that's my life on the other side of tennis."

"Violin, and piano...." The silver haired boy smiled playfully. "I want to hear you some time, then....if that's ok."

"On one condition." Lucky grinned right back. "I have to hear you. Not fair any other way."

"Okay, I actually have a recital next weekend in the museum, think you can make it?" He hadn't told anyone about this one, save his parents. They couldn't make it, due to some short notice business meeting out of town. He really wanted someone out in the audience to focus on.

"Next weekend, next weekend..." Lucky ran through his schedule and deemed that he'd be free. "...I can do that, no worries. I'll be there, front row, bells on, the whole nine yards. How's that?"

"No need to get carried away, really. It's just- I guess I'd Appreciate someone there. So thank you. I hope it's not an inconvenience, and I promise if you get bored you can leave any time."

"No inconvenience, I'm looking forward to it." He was, too. Point Lucky in the direction of something musical and he was one entirely content redhead. "But I'll be there, no worries about that one."

"Okay, thank you!" He bowed slightly and shot a slight look at the glowing street lights in the park. "I'd better go. I'll probably see you before then. Thanks again, senpai."

"Anytime, sunshine." Lucky waved, a grin curving his lips. "Get going. Don't wanna get you in trouble. See you soon, no doubts about that."

With another small nod, Ohtori was off and running. Turning to wave back before bursting into a full blown run, he had 5 minutes to get home for curfew…
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