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rp log ::: Sengoku/Ohtori

Characters: Sengoku and Ohtori
Rating: PG
Dated: Last night and this afternoon~
Summary: Ohtori tries to cancel his double date with Sengoku when he gets too nervous and somehow ends up going on a date before. Cuteness warnings ahead.~

Ohtori sighed and rolled over on his stomach, toying with the phone number he’d written on a bit of paper. Glancing at his cellphone on the headboard one more time, he closed his eyes and rolled once more before sitting back and grabbing it. Dialing the number, he listened to the dial tone. Hearing the phone ring once, then twice, he felt his heart jump and he hung up quickly. It was rude, he scolded himself as he toyed with the small cartoon frog charm he had on the phone and frowned.

Taking a deep breath, he decided he had to get this over with. Looking at the number one more time, he dialed with his thumb and then held the small device to his ear and listened, holding his breath and half praying his senpai wouldn’t answer it.

"Yo!" Lucky's cheerful voice echoed down the line as the phone was answered on the third ring. He'd been sprawled out face first on his bed, watching TV and generally doing absolutely nothing of importance. Go him.

Hearing his held breath escape in a small gasp, he forced himself to smile, a stupid act considering he was alone in his room and Sengoku wouldn’t know he was frowning anyway. “Uh- hi Sengoku-senpai…it’s Ohtori….”

"Ohtori-kun? Oh, hey, how are ya?" Awwww, he was nervous! That was so CUTE! Lucky grinned as he flopped over on his back, the sounds of Iron Chef echoing through the room behind him. "What's up, sunshine? How are you?"

“I-I’m doing pretty well….yourself?” Chewing his lower lip, he waited for the answer before offering a nervous laugh. “Uh- the reason I called was- I think it might be a good idea to cancel the double date thing with Shishido-san, I mean we’re practical strangers and I don’t know if you’d have fun with me, or like me or anything and I don’t want to screw up their plans by being a stick in the mud, I’m so sorry!”

"Not bad, not bad at all." Lucky listened to the nervous reasoning, then very nearly burst into laughter. Fortunately, he refrained. "I don't think we need to cancel, sunshine. I just think we need to go out before hand. You know, make sure you'll enjoy yourself, get to know each other, all that jazz. What do you say?"

”Go out…before the date? Or is it a date?” He piped nervously before clapping a hand over his mouth and pondering bashing his brains in on his headboard. He was being such a child about it all! It was just a date. A date with a senpai. A date with an attractive senpai…of the same sex…

"Call it a pre-date meet and greet." There you go then. Leave it to Lucky to find a way to not call a date a 'date'.

“Uh- okay…If you think that might be a good idea…” He flopped back on his comforter and stared at the ceiling, tugging his shirt back down where it belonged. “When would you like to…meet and greet?” Why did he have the feeling it was still a date?

"How about tomorrow after practice?" Lucky suggested cheerfully. "We can go get something to eat, maybe catch a movie or whatever..." And he'd even be good and wait half an hour before molesting the boy. "I think it'd be good."

Toying with the charm as it rubbed on his wrist, he blushed. "Tomorrow after practice? O-of course, senpai." His practice would get out early enough for him to get to the Highschool in time to meet his senpai. "Okay, senpai...see you tomorrow evening?"

"You bet, sunshine. I'll be looking forward to seeing you." Lucky was grinning from ear to ear on the other end of the phone. He was going to enjoy this, oh yes he was.

”Okay- uhm. Good night.” He smiled faintly and hung up after exchanging good-byes. Putting the phone on the table, he closed his eyes. How did he go to cancel one date and end up with another? There was no way he was going to get any sleep tonight.

"Night." Lucky clicked his phone closed and put it on the nightstand, chuckling. Now he was really, really looking forward to this one.

The very next day, right on time, Ohtori was standing outside of the locker room at the high school, awaiting his non-date. His hair was still a bit damp from his own showering after practice. Leaning on the wall, he straightened his light brown plaid scarf around his neck and pondered running away.

Nope, no running away. Lucky appeared out of nowhere five minutes after, red hair blown every which way, grin on his face. "Hello, gorgeous," he greeted warmly. "I didn't keep you waiting, did I?"

Blushing faintly at the compliment he smiled and glanced over at the older teen. "Uhm- hi Lucky-senpai. No, I've only been here a few minutes. Sakaki-sensei kept me late."

"He's good at that, from what I gather." Lucky made a face. "So I figured we could go grab a movie, and then something to munch. That sound good to you?"

Laughing at the expression, he nodded eagerly. "Yes, he tends to be a bit long wind-uhm- I mean sometimes he just needs to tend to a few extra matters." He bit on his lower lip and tugged on his scarf. "That sounds fun..."

"Just say it, the dude's long-winded." Lucky chuckled, then gestured grandly towards the bus stop. "Shall we, then? Don't want to keep you waiting out here in the cold."

"...he is. A little..." Ohtori admitted, smiling just a little at saying it. Moving along where he was gestured to, he nodded quietly. "It's not that cold senpai...where to first?"

"Uh...movie?" Lucky stuffed his hands in his jacket pockets and did a little fidget. "I get chilly pretty easy. Gotta keep moving. Did you have any preferences or anything?"

Watching the slight little dance, he let the older teen onto the bus first and followed him to the back, sitting on the hard chairs. "Ok- I don't really have a preference." He hoped the other would pick, and even more hope toward it not being scary...

The redhead plunked himself into a seat. "All right, I'll pick. There's a couple good ones coming out, I think..." Kung-fu flicks, man. Give him Jackie Chan and he is a happy bunny.

"Okay-" He stared ahead again, wringing his hands in his lap nervously. "Uhm- this is a pre-date thing, right? SO uhm- tell me a little about you?" Cue the ever predictable and easy to summon blush.

Awwwwwww. How cute! "About me? Uh...I play tennis but you knew that. I sing, I box, I rely on my sister to make sure I match in the morning. Other than that I'm pretty damn boring. You?"

"I play tennis, and violin- and piano a bit...other than that I just go to school and help around the house a little. Nothing too thrilling..." Wow, even for a Junior High School student, he was boring.

"...you're a musician too?" That got Lucky's attention. "Sweet. Gonna pursue it later, or is it just a hobby?" He was an absolute diehard musician, after all.

"I don't know, I mean...I've already had people scouting me for music schools and everything. But I really love tennis too." Smiling a little, he shrugged. "I have some time to decide."

"Just a little." Lucky chuckled softly. "I have scouts after me for tennis, but not for music. Which kinda sucks; I was gonna be a musician. Least, I wanted to."

"I don't think I have anyone looking at me for tennis, but I guess I am more built for doubles anymore." He popped his fingers, wincing at the cracking sound that normally earned him admonishing glares from his music teacher. "Not too late for music, you know."

"Well, yeah, I know. I figure I've got it to fall back on when I'm done with my pro career." Yes, Lucky planned on going pro. Fear. "I need new guitar strings. Don't let me forget, okay?"

"Oh, that makes sense." He stared at his hands now. Why on Earth was he being so nervous, he'd been alone with Sengoku-san before and it wasn't a date then either. So it was fine, just friends seeing a movie and stuff. "uh- oh! Yeah, I'll remind you!"

"Thanks, gorgeous." Lucky lounged around until they came to the stop near the cinemas, then bounded off. He surveyed the marquee, grinning. "Ooooo. Do you like Jackie Chan movies?" Comedic, action, no spooky, no drama, no weepy.

Ohtori was forced to wonder if he would ever get rid of the blush that was taking over his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. Probably not around Sengoku. "Yeah, that sounds good." He smiled and studied the poster, it looked like a promising movie...

"Then let's go." With about that much warning, Lucky grabbed Ohtori's arm and started bodily hauling him towards the theater. Two tickets, and in they went, and they plunked down in the second-to-last row. With popcorn, of course.
DeadCat713: He was more or less shocked as he was dragged through lines, the theater and soon was sitting in the cool dark room, a bucket of popcorn resting nearby. It was a good thing too, his stomach growled in reminder that eating was a good thing.
tezuka23: The lights went down and the previews started rolling. Lucky swiped a handful of popcorn and munched on it, idly making mental notes about the previews and which movies he thought he might like to see in the future. There weren't many, but the ones that were there looked pretty damn good.
DeadCat713: Taking a few kernels for himself, he quietly snacked on them while the previews went, enjoying the salty treat. "Thanks for the popcorn, senpai." Shifting to get more comfortable, he stared as the music started and the movie began.
tezuka23: "Welcome, beautiful." Lucky lounged in his seat as the opening credits rolled, snickering at a few random antics. Nothing like comedy karate to lighten up the mood and relieve any nerves, right?
DeadCat713: Looking over at the red-head, he smiled slightly and watched the film, slowly relaxing into his company and adjusting. Soon he was feeling entirely settled and laughing along with the antics of the talented actor.
tezuka23: About an hour into the film, they'd depleted a good chunk of the popcorn. Lucky plunged his hand in blindly to find a handful, rooting around in the bucket. "Hmm..."

"Mm?" Ohtori blinked and looked over at Sengoku, cocking his head curiously. Leaning in to whisper to him, "something wrong?"

"Running low on popcorn." Lucky leaned in as well, keeping his voice low. "Damn. I guess I eat too much popcorn. Sorry."

Covering his laugh with his hand, he smiled and put his hands back into his lap. "That's okay. Really!"

"Still." Lucky eyed his hand mournfully, then rummaged until he found a napkin to wipe them off with. Popcorn grease is pernicious stuff.

Glancing up at the movie screen again, he smiled faintly. “I can go get some more if you’d like. It’s really no problem at all.”

"Nah, that's okay. You can stay put. I probably don't need the grease anyhow." Lucky finished mopping his hands off, then turned his attention back to the screen.

Nodding at the refusal, he shifted in the seat, leaning back and readjusting. Honestly, theater seating was not intended for people over 6' tall. It was cruel, and even toward the back rows, he always found his knees uncomfortable by the mid point of the movies. "Okay-"

Hm. That didn't seem comfortable..."Hey...you wanna move or something so you can stretch out?" Lucky was short, he didn't give a shit.

Ohtori smiled slightly and shook his head, forcing himself against the seat and pushing out his legs in a half stretch, but at least it seemed to do the trick as he slid down into the seat again with a pleased smile on his lips. "I wish I were under 5'7."

"I wouldn't. People would call you 'chibi' for the rest of your born days." Lucky smirked, letting his five-foot-eight frame sprawl all over the place.

Of course he would be more comfortable if he would take Sengoku's example and sprawl out, but he was accustomed to sitting upright and stiff most of the time, save for the end of his concerts and matches. "Chibi- heh..."

"You're not much for bein' a chibi, so be glad you're so damn tall." Splat. Sengoku never sat all stiff and upright. He sprawled.

"Heh, probably not senpai. On the other hand, I can loom over people, apparently it's intimidating!"

"You don't intimidate me." Grin. "You're too damn cute to be intimidating. Least, that's my opinion."

The taller teen blushed and looked at the screen, "cute, hm? I hope I don't look cute on the court at my match next week...Sakaki-sensei will have my head if I don't win."

"Glad I don't have to deal with him. I'll win my match." Lucky's offhand comment wasn't boastful, just simple fact in his eyes. "And yeah, cute. But you can be cute and still win."

"If you say so senpai." Part of him wanted to challenge the other to a match right then and there, but Jackie Chan distracted him and made him laugh instead.

"Damn right I say so and I'm always right so there you go then." Lucky grinned, and sprawled a little more. He was damn close to invading Ohtori's personal space at this point.

Slightly dodging an extended arm, Ohtori snuggled into his jacket and stared ahead trying to ignore how close his senpai was to brushing him, or something. He tried to focus on the film....whatever it was.

Sprawl...sprawl...sprawlwhoops! "Shit!" Lucky kind of sprawled too far and started sliding out of his seat. Landing on the sticky floor was inadvisable, so he opted for grabbing the closest thing, which was Ohtori. "Damn."

Jerking forward with a sudden tug at his shoulders, he pulled himself and the attached red-head upright, blushing at how close they were now..."Y-you okay, Sengoku-san?!"

Whoa. We're talking inches here. Less than inches. Lucky got his bearings back. "Yeah. Just did a dumbfuck clumsy thing, and..." And then he was ballsy, and leaned in and kissed the kid. Not hard, just lightly. Because he could.

"You should be caref-" His eyes widened as he realized the older teen was moving closer, and his lips kept moving as no words escaped. Blushing, he froze as something soft brushed against his lips, was that? Did they? Staring at Sengoku with a fish's expression, he just- "Ah?"

Lucky licked his lips thoughtfully, expression pensive. He then nodded as if coming to a conclusion. "You taste great but you need a little practice," he deemed.

Yeah, that confirmed it...

He felt an odd pounding in his chest and it was hard to breathe, that was his first kiss...

"Mukahi-sempai! He said no kissing on first dates!"

"So do you take all your orders from Mukahi-sempai, or do you follow your own lead?" The redhead tilted his head to the side, a wry smile curving his lips. "I'm not going to molest you or anything. But I've been wanting to do that for ages. Couldn't resist. Did you like it?"

"Er- I..." He tried to think about that..."H-he's my sempai too and..." He dropped his head to his chest for a moment. "I er-ages?" He swallowed nervously. "I-uhm...don't know. It was...sort of- shocking."

"Shocking?" Lucky frowned. "I wanted it to be good. Do I need to do it again, just to make sure it's good this time?"

"I was- I wasn't expecting that, that's all..." He chewed his lower lip and looked around to make sure no one had seen them..."Uhm- maybe-?"

"Okay. Expect it this time, because I want to make it a little more memorable." One hand cupped the younger teen's cheek as Lucky tipped his head forward, kissing him a bit more fully, lingering a bit longer over the gesture.

"Uhm- hai." He blushed, partly wanting to pull away from the warm, but calloused hand the other tennis player rest on his face. Instead he found himself leaning closer to the touch and relaxing as their lips met, this time pressing back a little into it. His lips breaking into the slightest of smile and a dazed expression on his face as the other pulled away.

Mmmm. Much better. They'd have to do that again, for certain. Lucky opened his eyes, smiling a touch. "So...was that one better?"

Nodding dumbly, he licked his lips again, they tasted a little like popcorn, and something else entirely. "M-much..."

"Good." Lucky smiled, brushing his hand over Ohtori's cheek again before lowering it to let it sit on his knee. "I'd like to keep practicing that."

Ohtori leaned over into the warm touch, smiling a little more comfortably. "Uhm- so you....still want to go out with me?" He wanted to make sure, especially since he wasn't sure he was even coherent anymore.

"I thought I just answered that, but just to be on the safe side I'll answer again." With that Lucky leaned over and kissed him one more time. This one was a little less chaste and a little more promising. "How's that?"

Three kisses in one night? Smiling a little anxiously, he nodded. "Good answer...thank you, sempai."

Yeah, just wait until he gets going. "You're welcome, sunshine." Lucky squeezed his knee lightly, a smile on his lips.

Choutarou shifted his leg slightly and smiled again. "Uhm-" Sometimes there were no words to express what he wanted to say, so instead he leaned over and kissed Sengoku's cheek before settling in to try and watch the rest of the movie.

Awww. That suited Lucky just fine. He settled in, having few issues watching the rest of the movie because they'd gotten to the point where the really stupid hijinks started and it was easy enough to laugh yourself stupid.

Laughing and enjoying the movie now that all tension had cleared, he could relax. Apparently he liked Lucky a lot, and the other liked him back, and that was a great place to start.
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