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So we have players, and then we have the other mods that all members are to RESPECT NO MATTER WHAT. This post will be constantly editted as more players come in. Probably the only public post around, too. Members can comment with what e-mail addresses they want to be public. I didn't write them, because I don't know what inboxes you guys want exposed.

Character(s): Shishido Ryou, Fuji Syusuke.
Journal(s): break_shot, fujisempai.
School(s): Hyotei Gakuen, Rikkaidai Fuzoku.
Status: MOD. (blunt one)
AIM/AOL: Ryou Shishido.

Character: Atobe Keigo.
Journal: atobe.
School: Hyotei Gakuen.
Status: MOD. (mean one)
AIM/AOL: Prince Keigo.

Character(s): Ibu Shinji, Kirihara Akaya.
Journal(s): kick_serve, junior_ace
School(s): Fudomine Chuu, Rikkaidai Fuzoku.
Status: MOD. (nice one) ON SEMI-HIATUS
AIM/AOL: team hyoutei.

Character: Sengoku Kiyosumi.
Journal: __shiawase__
School: Hyotei Gakuen.
Status: MEMBER.
AIM/AOL: Tezuka23.

Character: Mukahi Gakuto.
Journal: strongerthenyou.
School: Hyotei Gakuen.
Status: MEMBER (PENDING, needs atobe's approval.)
AIM/AOL: sadistic tensai.
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