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rp log Ohtori/Shishido

Rated: Pg
Summary: Best friends bonding, a confession, some teasing.
Dated: Three days ago?

It was one of the last days of practice before the Regulars would be named this year. It was nearly over, but Ohtori was persistent. He wanted to please his Coach. He was trying for singles this year, no one else had managed to match what he and his best friend had, so there was no point trying to relive it. Blinking at another wild shot by Taki, he barely caught up to it before it whizzed across the net and smashed with a resounding echo across the courts. Just then, the whistle blew and they were all released for the day. The gangly boy moved to sit next to his bag, grabbing a towel and draping it over his head with a sigh. Practice was brutal today.

God. He really did some damage .. Shishido could hardly carry his bag, hence why he had left it locked up back in the locker room over at the High School. Having crossed the campus, back into familiar territory to pay a visit to his best friend---Shishido had gotten there just after practice had ended; which was a disappointment since he had wanted to watch his play.

Moving slowly down the bleachers, spying his silvery-haired companion taking a rest, a half grin curled across his lips. "Yo! Choutarou!"

Hearing his given name shouted in a clear tone, he blinked and pulled his head up, dragging the already dampening towel over the back of his neck. Warm brown eyes followed the long gate of the dash specialist’s approach. Jumping up with renewed energy, he ran his fingers through his sweat darkened hair and grinned brightly. “Shishido-san! Hi!”

Giving off a small chuckle at the sudden 'energy burst' (which he was suspecting) -- Shishido picked up a hand and half waved. "Hey. I've decided to come and spy on you." Briefly, sharp eyes darted around the court--watching new first years beginning to check the nets and pick up balls. "So how are things going around here? Any development?" He said as he begun to draw closer.

“You aren’t a very good spy, senpai. You missed all of the action.” He laughed merrily and then looked at his shorter friend. “Did you still need to tell me some things? I can shower really quickly and we can grab a snack!” Tennis practice always made him ravenous, but he dreaded the idea of another growth spurt.

Giving off a small chuckle at the sudden 'energy burst' (which he was suspecting) -- Shishido picked up a hand and half waved. "Hey. I've decided to come and spy on you." Briefly, sharp eyes darted around the court--watching new first years beginning to check the nets and pick up balls. "So how are things going around here? Any development?" He said as he begun to draw closer.

"You aren't a very good spy, senpai. You missed all of the action." He laughed merrily and then looked at his shorter friend. "Did you still need to tell me some things? I can shower really quickly and we can grab a snack!" Tennis practice always made him ravenous, but he dreaded the idea of another growth spurt.

"I know." He agreed jokingly with a nod of his head. "Damn, I fail at this spying business." Shishido gazed up at him with an arched brow. Things? Oh yeah. That. Well, he should know so he's not totally clueless. "Sure thing. Go shower, and then we can hit the cafe or something. Whatever you want to do." He wanted a hand, and yawned--raking a hand through his hair.

"Okay. But I was thinking mint chip ice cream!" Ohtori winked and started gathering his things before nodding to Shishido. "I'll be out in 10." Jogging past the courts, it was easy to see him blush at a few of the first years calling him Ohtori-senpai. Soon after, he had vanished into the locker rooms to quickly clean up and change.

Shishido would indeed be anywhere where there was promises of mint ANYTHING.

Setting back and not wanting to sit down, he crouched with his hands resting on his knees. Wincing for a moment, he reached up and rubbed at his shoulder--noticing a first year staring. Smugly, he straightened his posture. "You need to eat more if you want to get on the high school team." Watching the tiny thing scamper off to collect a ball--he snorted in amusement and waited. How cute. Ohtori-senpai.

Running back to the older boy, fully dressed and clean with damp spikes, he grinned. "Ready to go?"

Having spaced out and recalling his middle school memories -- when his companion came running back up to him, it took him a moment to snap out of it. "Hn? Oh. Yeah, I'm ready." Standing up and stretching slightly -- he nudged him in the side with his right elbow. "So where we off to, Ohtori-senpai?" The statement was said lightheartedly, and in a good teasing nature.

Blushing sharply at being called senpai, he managed to yank on his backpack with an awkward shrug and laugh it off. "Shishido-san, don't tease. You'll give people ideas." Grinning again, he started up the bleachers again before resuming a solemn expression. "How's your shoulder feeling?"

"Fine, fine. I'll leave you alone." He waved a hand dismissively and tried to hide his amusement at the whole little title. Ha. First years were always so frightened and polite when they first came in. Heading up the bleachers along side him with hands in his pocket--his amusement faded with the question and he frowned slightly. "It hurts like hell. I couldn't even take my bag with me; it should be fine since it's locked up. But damn."

"I can carry your bag for you if you want to go get it, senpai." Ohtori was always kind like that, and most especially to the other regulars he spent last year with. "I still can't beleive some idiot would hit you like that. A broom handle...jeez."

Shaking his head, he hated burdening his friends -- no matter how close they were to him. "Don't worry about it; forget about it."

As for being whacked with a broom handle, Shishido visibly tensed for a brief second--and his eyes shifted to the side. "Yeah. Well, people are fucking nuts. Tried to punch me at first, but I dodged. When that didn't work he came at me with that friggin' broom."

"Shishido-san?! Why did they do that? Are you sure you're okay? You shouldn't be fighting!" The bag forgotten, he had turned to directly face his best friend. Was high school really that dangerous?

"I wasn't fighting." Shishido said indifferently, with his eyes half-hooded. There was a stubborn shimmer within his eyes, and somehow part of the story wasn't being voiced. "Anyway, I told you not to worry, didn't I? I said I would be fine. He didn't break my shoulder, that's what I'm grateful for. Just bruised it."

"Then you were attacked?" His eyes widened and shone with pure shock. He knew Shishido was strong, so that had to have been a horrible attack. "I do care, senpai. What happened?"

He raised a finger, and shook it--there was an odd sort of slow smirk across his face. "I don't want to talk about it. It happened, and thank God it's over without much damage. Anyway, today I'd like to stay positive. We have some stuff to catch up on -- so let's go eat."

Being the obedient little kohei he was, Ohtori smiled with a slightly saddened edge to it and nodded. "Of course Shishido-san. I was wondering what you had to tell me, you know I hate secrets. Let's hurry, I'm starving."

Expecting an argument, Shishido had to realize for a moment that he wasn't with Atobe--who would've persisted. The morning's words rung within his head, and he rubbed the side of his forehead ('I'm sorry you have to stay here..')

Shaking the thoughts off, he laughed in good nature. "Oh yeah, that! You'll be the first one I tell about this." I know you hate secrets. Suddenly, Shishido felt insanely guilty and in his guilt--he decided to blurt out the first thing that came to mind. "So I'm kind of dating Atobe--"

"Oh that's ni-" A break..."WHAT?!?" Seriously? Since when was his senpai?! And he knew about kissing Mukahi-senpai and- oh Gods! He was still stammering like a fish and staring widely at the older boy.

His reaction was another thing that Shishido would expect. In fact, he was expecting that from a lot of people. Briefly thinking of that day everything exploded, Shishido actually had a very light blush across the bridge of his nose. "Yeah, well..." Grumbling weakly, he nodded. "...We're still kinda new at it, but I figured you'd want to know."

Calming down a little, Ohtori had to stop and count to 10. Okay, Choutarou. Your senpai and best friend is gay. He's dating your old buchou. He is embarrassed and blushing. Be nice...it's not that odd, right? Right. "Th-thanks for trusting me, senpai. C-can I ask how long you've uhm...known?"

Reaching into his back pocket, Shishido withdrew a candy mint cigarette and slipped it between his lips. "Known? That I've liked guys--? I'm not even sure. I don't even like all guys. I just like him." He shrugged a shoulder. "I like him a lot. It just feels like I don't like guys.. just him. But I don't like girls that way either. It's fuckin' confusing."

"Oh." An Atobe-sexual? Ohtori blushed and scolded himself mentally for that thought and shook his head. Most of the female student body of Hyoutei shared that preference, between the two of them, that would break a lot of girl's hearts. "Well, Atobe-san is very nice and I am glad you like him and are happy about it. That's what really matters in the end, happiness."

The boy seemed overly embarrassed about admitting that fact. He wasn't ready to admit to Atobe that he had been his waking thought and slumbering thought. "Thanks, Choutarou. That means a lot. Shit, I've been waiting to get somebody aside just to talk about it. I can't even describe the damn feeling." He could break girls hearts by making them want so badly they ache.

"You know I'm always there for you." Ohtori smiled faintly and offered a small nod of encouragement. "If you can get me to sneak out of my parent's house and beat you with balls all night, I think you can trust me with about anything." He briefly wondered about Sengoku and how forward he was, even when they met up again at Mukahi-senpai's party. "Now that that's out, I think ice cream therapy is in order!"

Laughing and shaking his head--ice cream therapy was sounding so good. Ice cream and ranting about guys that made their lives so confusing, girls, skirts and most of all, Sengoku. Hn. What was going on with them? He'd ask about that soon. Right now, they were on a mission to get some ice cream. "Let's goooo. That cone is calling my name."

Keeping up with the older boy, he smiled. That had been awkward, but things always worked out. Besides, no matter what he would be there for his friend. It was only right. "Okay, but don't buy out the whole store." A finally joked warning before entering the small parlor, the door jingling merrily as they came in.

"I'm not gunna buy out the entire store! I don't have the money for that... well today... maybe in a few years." He rolled his eyes playfully, and grinned as Hyotei's campus faded away, and the small parlour was in sight. Stepping in ahead of his friend--Shishido by now had finished his candy cigarette and instead of plucking out a new one, he counted some of the spare yen he was carrying around.

Catching his counting, Ohtori paused and clamped a hand over his friend's. "No senpai. I said the ice cream was my treat."

Stopping in surprise, and staring up at him with raised brows--he canted his head. "What? Dude, you don't have to pay for me. I got enough on me---" SOmehow he knew he wasn't going to win this.

"I told you I owed you ice cream, senpai. So please don't argue." Smiling sweetly at the girl at the register he nodded to the ice cream case. "So go ahead and get what you want. Next time we hang out, you can buy me a juice or something." Make it even, and Shishido might agree more willingly.

Ah, that was true. Not to mention, Shishido could always treat the next time they hung out. "..Fine, fine." Giving the girl a look over--with a crooked smile--he proceeded to motion towards the case himself. "Mint chocolate chip." He did seem to perk up and look a little more relaxed at the idea of being treated. "That's a deal. Thanks again, Choutarou."

Ohtori ordered a plain vanilla cone, two scoops with little rainbow sprinkles. Blushing, he quickly paid the girl and tipped, avoiding eye contact. He never could talk to girls, never. They all frightened him, clinging and always asking him to go do things with them...."Y-you're welcome. Want to eat these outside?"

Rolling his eyes at the girl behind the counter--who eyed the two of them and stiffened a giggle the moment they looked away. Then again, Shishido caught the stare-- before he begun to tend to his ice cream cone. "Yeah, sure. Let's go. Damn girls." The brunette said in distaste, beginning to move away from the counter and towards the door.

Tailing his senpai outside, Ohtori found a nice bench under a potted tree and sat comfortably, leaning back against the over-sized decorative pot. He smiled briefly before his pink tongue darted out to try his vanilla and sprinkle masterpiece. “Mmm…”

"Oh shit, this reminds me." He didn't sit down, instead his foot nestled against the vacant side of the bench, and he bent his weight forward. Resting his elbow against his knee, he looked pensive for a moment. "Lucky took you home, didn't he? After Gakuto's party?" He hide his grin.

Looking up from his snack, he licked his upper lip and nodded. "Yes, Lucky-senpai walked me home because I managed to get a little....drunk." Okay, very drunk, even if it was purely accidental. "Why?"

"I'm glad he saw you got home all right." Shishido echoed approvingly, looking semi-pleased. "So... what's the news? Anything happen? He treat you all right? You talk? What? Give me details, Choutarou." Ahhhh, mint. Mint and chocolate. It always put him in a good mood.

"Hm? I don't know. We talked I guess, he helped me to my room...and then I fell asleep...I guess he went home." Ohtori mumbled shyly, his cheeks already starting to burn. Best distract himself now...mmm ice cream!

"Heh." His free hand came to rest atop the other boy's head. "He took care of you, that's good. Just don't go spending more time with him than with me!" He was joking of course---he was moreso happy that his friend had begun to warm up to Lucky. The redhead just had a certain appeal to him that drew .. just about anyone to him. "I didn't do much after everyone left...well Atobe stayed for a while, but. Yeah."

Blushing at the friendly gesture, he smiled a little. "Why would I spend more time with him, Shishido-san. You're my best friend..." A teasing grin appeared suddenly, "Just don't forget your friend over your boyfriend...at least too much."

He seemed to go a little silent when their former captain was referred to as his 'boyfriend'. Shishido still found the term so new on his ears, and he canted his head, licking around the base of his cone to avoid it melting all over his hand. "I'd never do that." He shook his head, grinning. "Who am I gunna rant to if he pisses me off?" Then he laughed.

"That's good. I'd miss hanging out and everything." As much fun as the last few times he'd hung out with Sengoku were, the red-head just was not his best friend. He was....something else. Smiling a little, he took a bite from the top of the cone and licked his lips again. "I don't know. Hopefully he won't upset you too much."

Although Atobe knew him almost inside and out, Choutarou was still his good friend--and whatever he couldn't outwardly tell his boyfriend, naturally he'd come running to his friend. "I'll smack him." Shishido said lightheartedly. "You know as crazy as this sounds, us four should go out together one day. I don't know, uh. . .double date or something." The mental picture was just too funny.

He was about to agree when something struck him as odd...Blinking, he shook his head and recounted the words before blushing. His eyes widened and his jaw fell open. "D-double ....date? Senpai? Wh-why would you think? I mean- I-I was going to avoid dating until after Junior High...and even then-"

Shifting his eyes, he dragged his gaze over Choutarou very slowly, as if he was surveying him. "Who said you two have to be on a "date" 'date'? We could just all spend an afternoon together or something. Hang out." Shishido also plotted ways to keep Atobe from murdering Lucky if that little outing did take place.

"Uh- well....I guess that would be ok..." Now he felt really stupid. Rubbing the back of his neck, he neglected his ice cream a moment too long and wound up with a cold drip on his hand, licking it off, he frowned. "I-it's just....double date is usually...for people who are....dating."

Realizing he had embarrassed him, Shishido adjusted his weight and took to finally sitting down with his hand tucked away in his lap. "Ah, yeah. I'm sorry about that; I didn't mean for it to be worded so weirdly." Grinning slightly, he chose to re-phrase their entire conversation. "What I meant was, let's all just hang out one weekend. We can all complain about our classes, and how much work we have to do in such a little amount of time."

“Uh- okay. That could be fun…” He smiled a little more calmly and took another bite from the top of his ice cream, and swallowing the rich sweet cream. He adored such naughty little treats, especially since his mother would have scolded him for spoiling his supper with that. “Yeah- it’s just…you know…dating alone is probably not…for me, right now. Much less- I mean, Lucky-san is very nice and all but-“ There wasn’t a very good ‘but’ to throw in, really. “Just, I don’t know. But hanging out might be neat.”

The cone was shoved into the brunette's mouth rather ungracefully. Hey, this was Choutarou---Choutarou didn't have a problem with him being as messy as he wanted to in public (in fact he was probably the most used to it by now.) Swallowing and licking his lips, he cast a fleeting stare up at the sky. "All right. Whatever makes you happy. You know that's all I care about, right? Sorry if I'm a little pushy." He was grinning over at him. "You know me, and hanging out would be a blast."

Laughing, he quickly finished his own cone and licked his lips, he nodded in agreement. “Shishido-san, I know.”

"Heh." Silent for a few seconds, he stood once more. "So how about I walk you home? I'm sure your mum will kick my ass if I keep you out. I'm sure ya got your own stuff to do, right?" He was teasing him of course--and he came to nudging his friend once again.

“Sure, you can stay for dinner if you want. She usually doesn’t mind.” And almost as a side note, but half instinct and half memory, “And you don’t have to worry about my Dad, he’s on business again.”

"I wish I could." He wrinkled his nose, looking solemn for a moment -- before the expression was gone in the blink of an eye. "I gotta go home, and help my own mum make dinner. You know her, she likes it when we help her."

Hm, that was odd. Cocking his head, he forced his smile a little more. "Okay, another time. But hey, I should probably hurry. So should you, so I can walk myself. It's okay."

Shishido watched him for a moment, and wiped at the corner of his mouth with a finger. "You sure about that? I can come over this weekend?" He wanted to get home, help with dinner, eat and then pass out. His shoulder was starting to act up, and he did his best to hide that fact by swinging his arms playfully.

Ohtori knew his best friend in and out, and knew he needed to get home. "I imagine I can make it home fine, I don't need you or Lucky-senpai to carry me everywhere. Relax and get home, your arm is hurting, isn't it?" He frowned and shook his head. "Go on, senpai. Shoo."

He held up a hand in surrender and smiled. Chuckling he shook his head. "All right, all right! I'll talk to you soon then. Thanks for the ice cream, I owe you a juice!" He begun to step backwards, planning on going to go pick up his stuff first.

Offering a small teasing smile, he winked. "And who knows... maybe it would be a double date." Laughing playfully, he turned and started for home. "Feel better and see you soon, senpai!"

Oh he was going to kill him the next time he saw him! Eyeing him for a moment, he decided to brush it off and laugh as well. It felt good to spend some time with his best friend--it was like nothing had ever changed. "Get home safe, and tell everyone I said 'hey'. I'll be fine." Half waving towards the other boy, he turned away.

"I will, you too." He agreed, offering a small wave too and finally rounding the corner before heading back home. His Mom was going to kill him, Shishido-senpai or not...
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