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rp log ::: Sengoku/Ohtori

Rating: PGish?
Date: Tonight~
Summary: Sengoku is lucky to find Ohtori while shopping for Shishido’s birthday, cuteness, rambling, and sweets ahead. A date is planned.

Scratching at his short trimmed silver hair, Ohtori sighed and sat on the bench in the mall, a small bag hanging between his gangly knees as he paused to think a little harder on what to get his long time best friend. Honestly he was a terrible shopper. He’d asked his big sister to come and help, but she had a date. Dropping his head, he frowned again. What kind of best friend and former doubles partner was he? Studying the personal cd player he bought so far, he shook his head. It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t Shishido…

..oooh, what do we have here? Lucky was ambling through the mall, a bag in his hand, when he spotted Ohtori looking like he was thinking. You could almost see the smoke coming out of the other boy's ears. He tiptoed up behind the thoughtful teen, then popped up behind the bench with a broad smile. "Hello, sunshine! What's got you thinkin' so hard?"

Hearing a loud voice behind him, he jumped and fell right off of the bench, the bag surviving only by the good grace of Ohtori’s lap. Rubbing the back of his neck and blushing at a few passing giggly girls, he turned his head to glance over his shoulder. “Hi, Lucky-san. Just trying to think of what to get Shishido-san for his birthday. It’s tomorrow.” He smiled a little more and stood carefully, dusting off his jeans. “What are you up to?”

"Doin' the same thing, actually." Lucky winked and blew a kiss at the girls, who squealed and scampered off to gossip. "I think I found the right thing and all, too. What're you thinking about getting him?" Always nice to hear other ideas, and so forth and so on.

Grateful the girls ran off, he relaxed a little and opened the bag to show off the little cd player with an arm wrap for his jogs. "This so far, I'm a little stuck otherwise. He's difficult to shop for, but this year I am genuinely stumped."

"That's not so bad though." Lucky leaned over to poke his nose into the bag, then straightened up. "So let's see if something else jumps out at you. C'mon!" With about that much warning he looped an arm through Ohtori's and started dragging him through the mall. "Hmmm, let's see here..."

He was startled by the sudden movements and flailed briefly enough for the older boy to grab his arm and begin parading him about store fronts. "Ah- but senpai...I'm bad at shopping and I don't know what he might need and-" This was not going to get his arm back, was it?

No. No, it was not. Lucky dragged him along, blithely ignoring the ongoing stream of comments designed to get him to let go. "You'll never be good at shopping if you don't try! Now quit griping or I'll stuff you in a Victoria's Secret."

"A what?" A victoria's ...ok? Blinking, he suddenly recalled the fact he was a relatively strong kid that could serve like hell itself. Pulling back his weight, he managed to stop Sengoku in his tracks a moment, at least to give him a chance to think. "First, what is a Victoria's Secret? And secondly, maybe we should know what shop to start in?"

...damn. The height thing. Sengoku was strong as all hell but he was also kind of shortish compared to Ohtori. He came to a halt, and paused, snickering. "It's an American lingerie store. And it seems to me that the best places to start are music shops and sports-goods shops. Oh, and we're hitting a candy store or something."

"Maybe I can get him a new racquet." Ohtori's smile lit up at that, immediatly dropping as the understanding of what the store in question was. "Y-you wouldn't shove me in one of those...right?"

"Hey, that might be cool. You know what brand and stuff he uses, or if you don't you can get him a certificate for a new one that he picks out." Lucky grinned, evilly. "I might if you don't get a move on. Come on, let's go!" Tug.

He was taller, but Sengoku was stronger. Ohtori was tugged off balance a moment before resuming the breakneck pace set by the red-head. "Okay, but why a candy shop?"

Ha. Lucky wins. "Mint chocolate, man." He grinned broadly. "Like, really GOOD mint chocolate. You know he'll flip out if he gets something like that."

Duh! His favorite flavor! Ohtori shook his head and grinned. "How do I keep forgetting everything about my best friend lately?" Maybe his brain was still fried over the older boy's admission about Atobe? Probably.

Oh, more than likely. "'Cause you're thinking about something else," was Lucky's blithe answer as he stopped in front of a music shop and hauled Ohtori into it. "Now you should find something to stuff in that CD player, too."

Ohtori was struggling to keep from blushing, Sengoku was a very hands on person, and very friendly. At least he had a good idea what to look for in music, and headed to a section of punk rock music with a knowing grin. "Hmmm- let's see..."

Now we were talking. And yes, Sengoku was extremely hands-on. Hands on everything within sight. Ha. "Ooh, good call. Just not any of these." He brandished his bag, showing him the four discs already in it. "That way we don't get duplicates 'cause that'd be bad and stuff."

"Easy enough." He smiled and plucked two from the shelves with a flourish, one from America that he knew the older boy liked, the other a recently discovered group from nearby. He scuffled up to the register to pay, his mind still going back to his outing with his favorite senpai.

How cute. Lucky waited until he was done, then proceeded to drag him through to the next shop, this one a sporting-goods one. "What brand racket does he swing, do you know?"

"Yes, I know...but I don't think I'll get him the same brand or anything like that. I'm going to do the gift certificate idea, instead. So he can get what he wants..." Going and doing so, he returned and smiled cheerily. "Thanks for the advice, Lucky-san."

"Any time. Now, let's see...candy shop...oooooooooh." Lucky grabbed Ohtori's arm and started hauling him down the concourse again. Him? Shy? Never. Him? Ready to plow over anything and everything to get what he wanted? Damn bet.

Ohtori settled for apologizing to everyone that got run over/crashed into/ etc. Once safe inside of the candy shop, he looked around curiously. His own sweet tooth one to be dealt with with. Even if his arm was falling asleep.

"Okay. Let's see. I'll take two of those and two of those and two of those in a gift box with a nice ribbon." Lucky picked out a couple mint sticks, two mint truffles, and a couple of mint meltaway thingies. Then he grinned evilly and pointed at something else. "And one of those." The caramel apple was for him, though.

Impressed by the selection, Ohtori merely nodded and watched the exchange, certain Shishido would love the gifts. That was good, something was clearly upsetting the older boy, after all. Maybe- ...blushing he, tugged on Sengoku's sleeve before trying to speak again. "Can we talk alone later?"

"No, two of the apples...what?" Lucky looked over as his sleeve was tugged, and grinned. "Sure." He paid for his candy, tucking the box safely in a bag and shoving an apple at Ohtori. "Here, you need some sweetness in your life," he said cheerfully.

"Gah..." Catching the gooey treat by the stick, he licked his fingertips absently and smiled. "Thank you..." He tested a tiny part of the caramel with the tip of his tongue, and allowed his eyes to roll back, oh caramel was heaven. What was he talking about again? Oh! Leading the older boy out of the store, he grasped at a way to ask what he wanted. "Uhm- don't like....freak out or anything, ok?"

"Why would I freak out?" It took an act of God to make Lucky freak out over anything. He chomped into his apple, making a little purry noise at the completely blissful combination of Granny Smith tartness and gooey caramel sweetness. Cavity-inducing heaven. We're happy now. "Talk to me."

"Uh-" Did Sengoku know about Atobe and Shishido? And did it matter, Shishido-san did bring it up first... Dropping his head so he wouldn't have to look directly at his senpai, he took a deep breath, here goes: "WouldyougoonadoubledatewithShishido-sanandhisdatandI? Itdoesn'thavetobeadatedateunlessyouwant..."

There was a moment's pause while Lucky took an ice pick and broke apart the pertinent portions of that run-on sentence from hell. Wow. That rivaled Shinji. Once he got the meaning behind it, he licked the caramel off his lips and smiled. "You know, if you're gonna ask me out you might as well look at me," he quipped.

That moment of silence was enough for Ohtori to decide it must have been a no. Blushing more, he started to apologize before freezing and glancing up briefly. "...sorry. I didn't mean to- it's just...well." Now where was he going with this....best to just shut up. That being established, he bit into the apple. He couldn't fit his foot in his mouth if it was full of tasty caramel apple.

"It's just, well, what?" Lucky grinned all the more, licking some of the caramel off his fingers. "And why wouldn't I want it to be a 'date' date? I'd rather it be that than two people pretending it isn't a 'date' date while making things awkward."

All these various dates, non-date-dates, and date-dates were so confusing. He hadn't even intended to try dating until Highschool. Oh well, he'd opened his damn mouth in the first place- "Uh- I just...didn't know if you...were uhm, or I am...you know...into...dating?" That was slaughter- great job Choutarou. Brilliant.

Okay, maybe that lost Lucky a little bit. He moved a bit closer, eyes twinkling, expression curious. "Hm. You didn't know if I was into 'dating' in general, or dating -you- in particular?" he queried. Given that he was usually chasing anything with a skirt on, the latter was more likely.

"Both." He mumbled before his eyes widened and he clamped a hand over his mouth, looking a little disturbed by his own outburst. Choutarou...why are you being so stupid, play it off as a mistake and run!

"Easy enough." Lucky chuckled softly, reaching over to pry that hand off Ohtori's mouth. "Yes, I'm in to dating." Possibly too much. "And yes, I'm into dating you. I'm very fond of you, I'm flattered you asked me out, and I'm more than honored to accept the offer."

Chewing his lower lip, he was prepared to be yelled at, screamed at, just about anything. Not accepted. Blinking, he smiled brightly. "R-really? Wow- thank you senpai..." He was about to hug him, nearly forgetting his manners. One more matter of business to attend to. "I-is it a date-date, or a friends-hanging out date?"

Don't hug Lucky while you had a caramel apple in your hand. You'd get stuck to him and that would be ungraceful. "Which would you prefer?" he asked, arching an eyebrow. "If you'd rather it be a date-date, then there's no sense in calling it a friends-hanging-out date."

Licking some caramel from his lip, he thought very seriously on the matter for a while, before deciding. "I've never been on a date before, to be honest. I don't even know if I'm really into guys, but I do like you. So uh- whatever you like best."

"You can not 'like guys' and still like one guy." Lucky shrugged absently. "Hell, you could be like me and like both without preference. I'm serious though. You're the one that's new to this. I want to make you comfortable."

"I don't know how this whole thing works." Deciding to just go ahead and try anyway, he nodded firmly. "Okay...it's a date. Is that ok?" He hoped so, he was probably over-stepping boundaries galore with this one...

"That's more than okay." Lucky smiled at that, and chomped on his apple. He wanted that thing out of the way now so he had his hands free...mmmmm, caramel apple. "So it's a date."

"Okay-" Blushing, he nodded and opted to busy himself with the caramel apple, eating until all that was left was a stick and core. He licked his fingers slowly, sucking the caramel off of each digit happily, before tossing the remains into the nearby trash barrel.

…okay, that was so hot there weren't words for it. Lucky did his best not to stare at Ohtori licking his fingers off and demolished his apple instead. Whoof. Let's just distract ourselves now. He tossed the core and stick into the trash and wiped his hands on a napkin before tossing that in too. "I'll make sure it's a good date. Promise."

The silver haired teen smiled faintly, though a little nervously and nodded his head, twisting the bags of purchased goods around his wrist securely. "Thank you- I'll ask Shishido-san about scheduling it...and all of that...I guess." Why was he sure this was going to be a disaster that would make the Titanic seem mild?

He shouldn't think that. Lucky would make sure it was the best experience he could possibly come up with. "Sounds like a plan to me. I'll float a couple ideas past him too. There's a couple things that could be real fun for the lot of us, I think."

"Thank you senpai. I'm sure it'll be ok." His first date and he definitely couldn't ask his dad for advice, most definitely not. "I bet we'll all find something we can agree on." And hopefully this would help Shishido-san relax a bit too, he was the high strung one when the subject first came up, he was merely following suite, just sooner than expected.

"Sure it will." Lucky chuckled softly, and looked around. Good, nobody nearby watching. He held out a hand, palm up, towards the younger boy. "I'll do everything I can to make sure it's perfect for you. It's your first date. I want this to be great."

Perhaps Shishido-san knew in advance, Ohtori suddenly recalled the azure eyed boy asking if Lucky was treating him well. Finding it a little funny the other boy wanted to shake hands as though a date were a business deal, he shrugged and put his hand in the other's. "Thank you again...I trust you. It's going to be fun."

Oh, he didn't want to shake hands. Instead, Lucky lifted Ohtori's hand to his lips and brushed a kiss over the knuckles in a very old-fashioned, gentlemanly manner. "I'm honored and yes, I think it'll be a great deal of fun. I'm looking forward to it."

That was unexpected, to say the least. For one frightening moment, he was worried the red-head was going to bite his hand rather than kiss it. Blushing, he took his hand back after a moment, his heart racing behind his ribs. "M-me too."

Nah, Lucky saved biting for later in the relationship when things were much more established. He just smiled, reclaiming his hand. "You ready to head out?"

Still in a mild state of shock, he nodded dumbly as he tried to find his voice again, without a squeak to it. "Uhm- yes, I should uhm, get home and wrap this stuff." He lifted the bag, as if it needed definition as to what was being wrapped. "See you tomorrow." He planned to dodge practice and sneak over to the highschool to deliver the gifts in person.

How cute. The stammering and blushing was adorable. Lucky nodded, thumb tucking into his beltloop. "Wouldn't miss it for the world, sunshine. Go on. Go get ready to ambush the heck out of Shishido."

"Yeah, it'll be good. I can't let him hide this time." He distinctly remembered having to stalk the older boy all day just to give him his gift, not this year. Smiling again, he turned and started for the exit. "Thank you again Lucky-san. Have a good day!" After crashing into the door that was clearly marked pull, blushing and actually pulling it, he managed to exit the mall with his pride more-or-less intact.

Cute. Ridiculously cute. Lucky watched him go, then chuckled, turning to go track down a couple other things before finding his bus. This was going to be good, and damn if he wasn't going to pull out all the stops to make sure the silver-haired boy's first date was as good as he could make it.
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