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Our days are brand new.

You've got nothing left but to make this serve.

MINI BREAK: [Prince of Tennis Roleplay]
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Our boys are growing up! It's finally time for them to enter High School. It couldn't be more exciting for this newly graduated generation. After studying hard for finals, and training hard for Nationals, students from Hyotei and Rikkaidai Fuzoku move up to their next level of schooling while students from Seigaku, Rokkaku Chuu, and Fudomine say goodbye to middle school and look out to enter a new High School. It's been a long hard road, and although they've struggled, they've made it. Now the next three years can be filled with brand new memories, new challenges, new tournaments and in some cases, brand new faces.

Joining the Community:

Please send in an application in the following format:

Personal LJ:
Character Requested (max is 1):
Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo):
Sample Journal Entry:

Once you're finished, send your application to one of the following: ryou.shishido@gmail.com, ibu.shinji@gmail.com. Reviewing an application takes time, but this community WILL have three maintainers to read and re-read each application thoroughly. Give us a day or two, and you will be contacted. Please await confirmation once you have been accepted, and you will be added to mini_break.


1.) mini_break as well as character journals are locked. You may only friend the community if you are a part of it. Not simply to "watch" it. I'll be blunt: I don't like lurkers. Don't be a lurker. If you're interested, apply.

2.) Members are required to update at least once a week or every other week. (this is excused if a member logs religiously). If they fail to do so, punishments towards their poor character will be unleashed. If a member is totally inactive, they will be banned and their role will be available for play.

3.) Journal entries are to be written in first person point of view (1st POV), whereas all role-play logs can vary. Write in the format you feel comfortable roleplaying in. Please use LJ-cuts as well. These are very important. (lj-cuts are [lj-cut text="(insert title here)"] (insert log/content here) [/lj-cut]. replace the '[]' with '<>')

4.) This community is very shounen ai/shoujo ai friendly. It is also very pairing friendly. Members are never, ever to be harrassed by other members strictly for the pairings they choose to roleplay. They are free to do whatever they want, because to be honest, anything can happen. If any member feels overwhelmed because they're getting complained to about their choice of pairing, please contact one of the mods and the problem will be dealt with right away. I have absolutely zero tolerance for people who look to start trouble.

Please keep in mind that schools like Seigaku, Yamabuki, Rokkaku Chuu and Fudomine are not elevatour schools. Hyotei and Rikkdai Fuzoku are two examples of schools that go straight up to University.

This will definitely be a different type of year.

So get some creativity, and have some fun.

Hyotei Gakuen
Atobe Keigo - atobe
Shishido Ryou - break_shot
Mukahi Gakuto - strongerthenyou
Ohtori Choutarou - happy_cross
Sengoku Kiyosumi - __shiawase__

Rikkaidai Fuzoku
Fuji Syusuke - sidelighting
Kirihara Akaya - junior_ace
Kisarazu Ryou - kaminofutago

Fudomine Chuu
Ibu Shinji - kick_serve

Seishun Gakuen
Echizen Ryoma - _littledreamer